There are several steps to applying. We recommend that you read all of the instructions and gather the materials that you will need before beginning the online application process.

Supporting documentation, such as the Student Aid Report (SAR) and federal tax returns, must be submitted at different times during the application process. You do not have to be accepted to a school in order to apply. You do not have to have your 2017 tax forms completed in order to apply. Use estimated figures in the income and tax questions. You will, however, be required to submit your final tax forms by date listed in the deadline checklist.

Step 1:  Read the application overview and instructions. Click here.
Step 2:  First-time applicants must be interviewed. Click here for instructions.
Step 3:  Fill out the on-line application. Internet Explorer works best and turn off your Pop-up Blocker. Other browsers may not work.
Step 4:  Submit supporting documentation by designated dates. Click here.
Step 5:  Print deadline checklist. Click here.

NOTE: Each applicant must have a unique email address in order to apply. A family with multiple members applying may not use the same email address for all applicants.